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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Recent BSD Endeavors

Really weird! Started rebuilding everything last night on the OpenBSD box and on the old Netserver with FreeBSD on it. Finished up today when I got up. Had to get some sleep after starting the new job last night. Everything went okay on the OpenBSD box, but I had to reboot the old Netserver to be able to do make kernel install on it. Kept hanging up. I had to temporarily comment out the NFS imports off the Obsd box before I rebooted. I could've umounted them, but wanted to do a clean boot and see what happened. After that, okay. Did the usual mergemaster song and dance on both okay, too. Was a little scared on the Obsd box. It's not as simple and you have to let it do a makedev, too. Anyways, both are back up and running fine. Installed portsnap on the Fbsd box the other night and really like it, so far. No problems yet with it. portsnap fetch portsnap update cd /usr/ports && make fetchindex portsdb -u portaudit -Fda portversion -l "<" portupgrade -arR Last one only needed if portversion comes up with something that's outdated. Saw today that one of the new fortune ports shows broken. No big deal.


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