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Monday, July 04, 2005

BSD Update

Wow, it's been over a month since I posted on here! Been really busy, day and night, working on the old Netserver, adding ports, learning port maintenance, picking up all kinds of tips on Dru Lavigne's blog at Oreilly, recompiling kernels, doing complete src upgrade rebuilds, even tried creating a src repository, but ran into some problems. I also tried using cvsup on my xp box, but it was a lot of work for nothing. Always had problems with corrupted mac messages when running cvsup. Read a lot on it and the main problem is, ssh having to be patched to run on anything but OpenBSD. At least that's what I gleaned from it. It even has problems sometimes on FreeBSD, but it always links back up and starts d/l again after a time-out. Windows wouldn't do that. I've even got some "invisible" files left behind in my home dir in cygwin on the xp box from cvsup. Can't delete them, either. What a trip! Took my son's old PIII 800 box and setup PC-BSD on it. Tried Ubuntu first, but ran into big time problems with setting up Xwindows, so I just blew that one off. Had a really nice desktop, but I never could get it out of 480x640 mode. When I did, it all went to hell. Only problems I ran into with PC-BSD was with the menu editor. I got my one account so screwed up, I just wiped it out and recreated it. Too used to working at the terminal, typing everything in. Never have had great luck with X in nix or bsd's.


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