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Friday, May 13, 2005

FreeBSD on HP LC II NetServer

What a chore! Thought I had both cpu's working properly on the HP Netserver, only to find out tonight the 2nd one wasn't. Turned out to be a controller seating problem on the mobo. Got that ironed out now, I hope. Installed FreeBSD 5.4 Release on it, installed some ports I needed, rebuilt the kernel for SMP support, and it's working okay so far. Now I'm installing Xorg and later Fluxbox for the desktop. I'm sure there are some things I left out, like certain compile arguments, but it's just for experimentation right now, anyway. Also added an extra 9GB h/d for storage and backup. Ran sysinstall and used fdisk and disklabel. That went okay, too. Hope the xorg and fluxbox install goes as well.


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