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Monday, May 09, 2005

Downloading with Torrent

Been fiddling around with torrent files the last couple of nights. Ran into NAT problems and fixed them finally tonight. Had to go into the router config and forward port 6881 calls to the box I'm using Azureus on, using both TCP and UDP. Enabled UPnP in Azureus. Had to allow the program access in the machines firewall config, and fiddle with the max u/l number and kb's. It's working ok now. Got interested in it, since a lot of distros out there aren't in iso format. You can ftp the whole directory of all the files and create your own iso, but in some cases, you're not going to get all the other cd's you might need, like with packages and ports. Or, you can get the .torrent files and d/l everything, no sweat, into iso's. Debian's a good case in point, the one I'm getting right now.


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