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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pine and Gpg on FreeBSD 5.4

Had a terrible time getting Pine and GPG to work together on the HP Netserver with freebsd. Here are the program versions:

FreeBSD - 5.4 Release
Gnupg - 1.4.1
Pine - 4.62

Probably mentionedd it before. I'm still running an old version of OpenBSD (3.3) on my old laptop. GPG is on there with Pine and works great and was easy to set up. This new version was easy, once I'd messed with it most of all day Sunday. :-) Okay, here's the setup in Pine:

 (1st filter, all on one line)
 "_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE)_" /usr/local/bin/gpg -decrypt

(2nd filter, all on one line)
"_LEADING(-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE)_" /usr/local/bin/gpg -decrypt

 (1st filter, all on one line)
 /usr/local/bin/gpg -eas -r youremail@youremailprovider
 (2nd filter, all on one line)
 /usr/local/bin/gpg --clearsign

On the 1st sending filter, be sure to put your email address. That's where I had so much trouble, trying to figure out why I could send an encrypted message to someone on my keyring and they could read it, but I couldn't read the same sent message in my box.


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