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Sunday, May 15, 2005

FreeBSD HP NetServer Continued

Been playing with the system a lot today. Installed portupgrade on it, read up on ports at Oreillynet. Lots of good stuff there, especially from Dru Lavigne. Only problem in the last 24 hours was when I ran a cvsup for the ports tree. Left it running when I went to bed, since it's a long process sometimes. When I got up, system was froze up. Had to cold boot it, and naturally it bitched when booting as to the system not being unmounted properly. Wasn't too damned much I could do about that! On a windows security note, finally found a damned key logger on my winbox. Gone now, but it's worrisome. Found a really good security site with lots of free stuff at and d/l a lot of freebies. The most interesting one was rootkit revealer. Previously, rootkits were mostly, from what I understand, found on unix type systems. Now they're making there way into the windows world. Oh joy! As if there's not always enough security stuff to worry about! Addendum (following a.m.) Whew! I remember reading how long it can take to install Gentoo, especially if you are really a geek and build it from one of the first stages. :-) I started installing windowmaker and then firefox last night. Got up this a.m. and it's still going hot and heavy. Ran df on /usr last night and got 15% used. Ran it just now and it's at 28%. I think that particular partition is about 8 or 9GB. This is kind of like when you install MS stuff. Eeooouuuhhhh!!!


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