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Friday, May 20, 2005


Talk about! I keep getting this when I boot: unknown: PNP0303 can't assign resources (port) unknown: PNP0f13 can't assign resources (irq) unknown: PNP0501 can't assign resources (port) unknown: PNP0700 can't assign resources (port) unknown: PNP0401 can't assign resources (port) (There a left and right brackets around the PNP errors, but I can't put it in here, since it gets interpreted as html tags when the page is parsed). Did a lot of Googling, and read where you no longer can compile in support for the problem. So, I kept fooling around with pci, irq, and port settings in the bios. Eventually, I went to far, to say the least. Machine flat would not boot. Had to shut down, disconnect power, remove and reseat the cmos battery, reset all my bios settings, save and reboot. Still have the error messages in dmesg, but at least I'm back up and running.


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