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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Read the fine print!

Yep, it pays to do that even when you're not buying something, like when you're supposed to be reading the docs, but you're just casually scanning through, hitting the high spots, and then doing something like "make build". You know, something small and inconsequential. :-) Been working with OpenBSD on an extra computer I got back from my son, since coming back from the hurricane Katrina evacuation. Didn't realize how much I'd forgotten. As for the allusion to fine print, it had to do with XF4, building the xwindows stuff, after I had done a cvsup to get all new source, ports, docs & so forth. Built the new kernel. No problem. Did all the necessary prework and then built all the userland stuff. No problem. Did the after work stuff like httpd docs, mergemaster, & so on. No problem. Then I did the prework stuff you're supposed to do before you mess with XF4, but I failed to read the part about tk-8.4.7 and tcl-8.4.7p1 needing to be installed, or the XF4 build would fail, which it did. So, remember kiddies, READ THE FINE PRINT!


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