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Saturday, November 11, 2006

OpenBSD Firefox Install Problem

Thought this might help someone out who's running OpenBSD.
I first tried pkg_add -ui for updating in interactive mode.
Chose the next version of Firefox. Wouldn't do it. Here's
what it said:

Can't install mozilla-firefox- because of conflicts

Here's the link where I read up on how to fix this problem:

Neohapis OpenBSD Archives

Should've ran 'script' before hand. Did a pkg_delete, but it
wouldn't remove some directories /usr/local/mozilla-firefox/
extensions and components. Did it manually. Ran Pkg_add for
next firefox version and got the same error message again.
Ran pkg_delete .libs-mozilla-firefox- and that fixed the
problem. Originally posted this from my Diigo account and also
bookmarked there, too, but had to go into my Blogger account
and edit it. Haven't figured out all the bells and whistles in
Diigo yet.

Dancer68's Bookmarks on Diigo

Final note: Yes, I'm lazy by nature. I keep my OpenBSD complete
source tree on a separate drive, but that's no work. It gets
updated every night with a cronjob. And no, I haven't updated to
OpenBSD 4.0 yet, but am looking forward to it, when time allows,
especially to see if my scanner will work better with The Gimp
and xscanimage. To my credit, all patches are up to date, backups
are recent, and, if I hadn't have been a dummy and rebooted when I
first had the problem with Firefox, my uptime would've been right
at 30 days now. Live and learn.

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