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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Security Patch & New Programs

Always keep up with your patches, boys and girls. Maybe you're not into running current, you have packages installed instead of ports to follow the project's advice and to keep things more simple, and you hate the thought of maybe having to uninstall all your 3rd party stuff and rebuild userland and your kernel too often. Well, you still need to keep up with vulnerabilities that are discovered and patched! Here, for instance, is the url for OpenBSD errata along with the url for the latest patch.

OpenBSD Security Page
009: SECURITY FIX: September 2, 2006

Added a couple of nifty programs today; Xpdf for reading portable document format files, and Xchm, for accessing windows compiled helpfiles. So far, no problem at all. Nice and solid. Here's a screenshot:

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