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Monday, July 03, 2006

Weeks Following 3.9 Upgrade

Probably one of the most productive periods I've spent in the
last few years, the last few weeks since I upgraded OpenBSD to
3.9 on my number one work box, and also on my old HP Netserver.
I had run FreeBSD on it for a long time, and then when I went
to upgrade from 5.4 to 5.5 I ran into all sorts of problems.
OpenBSD, on the other hand, went in flawlessly. As a plus, I
didn't have to rebuild the kernel like I would've had to, had
I succeeded in installing FreeBSD. I loaded the kernel
and it took off fine and has ran fine since. All I had to do
was do a config on it to make up for CDT and keep the operating
system and the hardware clock in sync. With 3.9 I was able to
finally get the sane-frontends installed and can scan fine now
with my Epson using The Gimp. Only thing I haven't been able to
do is scan from another box on the local area network. I have
tried over and over with every kind of switch and configuration
I can think of, to get the xsane program to do it from the Cygwin
bash shell on the windows box, but I guess that dog ain't gonna
hunt. I also tried from the othe obsd box to do it, but no luck
there either. On the plus side, my OpenBSD box can do everything
now that that my windows box does. That's been my goal for now,
for a very long time. It just took some free time to devote to
learning enough to be able to accomplish it. I can burn cd's and
create iso images, have users do automated nightly backups over
the local area network using ssh, rsync and cron, scp files back
and forth easily taking advantage of rsa keys with ssh along with
authorized_keys files, use ICQ through an ncurses program MICQ. I
have done dumps and, more importantly, restores successfully.
Learned that when I did a typo one day, deleting something from
the usr dir. That was before the upgrade, but it's stuck with me,
especially the need to backup regularly.

Lately I've been listening to BSD podcasts from a really cool weg
site, and have learned quite a bit from them.
Listened to Dru Lavigne the other night and started salivating,
thinking of how cool it'd be to get to go to FreeBSD bootcamp in
Ottawa. Better get back to work first and get some money coming
in for that. :-) I'm also trying to learn more about blogging. I
feel like I'm back in school, carrying one heck of a course load.
I'm able to pick up my blog in my Wizz RSS reader in Firefox, and
I've registered with Performancing. Got that extension installed
in Firefox, too. That's where I'm creating this latest entry right
now. If it comes out screwed up, don't blame it on Blogger, Firefox
or Performancing. I'm sure it'll be caused from my own ignorance of
how they all interoperate.

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