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Friday, June 09, 2006

OpenBSD 3.9 Upgrade

3.9 upgrade went pretty good, considering after I'd used pkg_delete to get rid of all installed ports and packages, I forgot to get rid of all the installed directories where all were installed at, /usr/local/. I didn't realize it until I after the upgrade was done and I was installing the newer versions of everything I needed. SpamAssassin is where the "file collisions" started. It was a mess! Looking back, and considering how quickly OpenBSD packages install, I probably should've redone the pkg_delete thing, but I'm hard-headed. Anyway, got it all done and tonight I did a few image scans. Had to use xscanimage. The Gimp couldn't acquire the image. Have to figure it out as I go along, I suppose. Later Addendum: Figured out what conf files to configure. Now The Gimp is acquiring fine.

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