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Monday, December 15, 2003

OpenBSD Security Patches

Just using my laptop OpenBSD 3.3 (security patches applied) and enjoying it lately. Haven't gotten into anything complicated for a while now. Guess my next step is to get everything backed up & then try upgrading the system with CVSUP or some other means. Always have plenty of good documentation to fall back on at OpenBSD's web site, daily reading of the newsgroups, & Absolute OpenBSD, the book. I ordered a new 256MB Sandisk FM card off of eBay to replace the 32MB one I've been using in the adaptor in the pcmcia slot of my laptop. It'll give me a lot more room for backing up my email & settings related stuff. I hope I can remember how I used Disklabel to set the other one up! :-) Addendum: Adding this the following morning. Finally figured out how to add the perl CPAN modules I needed to get the perl script, /usr/local/f-prot/tools/, to run. It checks with f-prot online to see if there are new virus data signature updates &, if there are, downloads & unzips them into f-prot's directory. I tested it & it worked fine, so I setup Cron to do a check twice daily. Later, I'll probably cut down on that, since all this is on my laptop & I normally don't let laptop run all the time.


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