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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Patches by the Gobs

Applied a whole gob of patches tonight to OpenBSD
3.3 on my laptop. Did everything except the realpath
patch, which requires rebuilding a bunch of binaries.
Here's the scoop with obvious reasons I haven't done
patch yet:

Note that programs that are linked statically will
not pick up the change unless they are rebuilt. This
includes the contents of /bin and /sbin. The following
static binaries use realpath(3):
    /bin/mv, /bin/systrace, /sbin/mount, /sbin/mount_*,
/sbin/mountd, /sbin/umount.

I hope to get around to it soon, though, as soon as
I can get a little guidance on it. In the meantime,
if anyone with any knowledge about OpenBSD reads
this post, please let me know if I'm going about this
patch thing in the right way. I got to thinking that,
since every sequence used GENERIC, that each time
I recompiled a kernel, I was losing all previous fixes.
Then I thought about that for a while & hopefully got
the right answer. That is, every time you apply a new
patch, it updates the same place, in /usr/src, so that
should be good to go (I hope). Like I said, if you read
this & you think I've made a bad judgement on this,
please let me know. I'm hoping my assumption is ok,
that the patches have cummulative affect.


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