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Friday, August 29, 2003

SCSI Drives for HP LC II NetServer

Ordered some adapters for my Seagate Barracuda drives. They're made to install in an array & lack external power ports, for one thing. Bought a 4 pack of adapters on eBay, put one extra harddrive inside an empty 5 1/4 bay, set the scsi pinouts on it, hooked up the power and scsi cable, booted, and everything worked perfectly. That means I'll have 9GB of extra storage, independent of the 17GB RAID 5 array, to use as a backup, eliminating the need for a tape drive. I still have an old tape drive with a 6 tape changer, but where the cable adapter changes from scsi 1 to scsi 2, it won't fit between the back of the hot swappable drive array where the extra connections are, and the power supply. Guess that'll be the next thing I search for on eBay. Anyway, about ready to start the OpenBSD install. Just need to do a little more reading up. Still running OpenBSD on my old Toshiba too, and feelng sorry for all my windoze friends with their virus problems. That said seriously, too, not being a typical windoze basher.


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