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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

OpenBSD, Laptop and Sandisk Flash Card

Night before, in OpenBSD 3.3 on my laptop, tried wiping everything out on my Sandisk compact flash card, creating a new partition on it to use the whole disk, & creating a ffs file system on it. Really screwed it up, to say the least! Tonight, I learned how to use disklabel to delete the old partition, recreate a new partition, & then I ran newfs on it & created a new ffs file system. Now I can use long file names, set permissions, set ownerships, etc. First thing I did was create a directory on the card for myself, the primary user of the laptop, & tar/gunzip all my mail to there, along with all my personal settings, espe- cially those for gpg, pinepgp, mail, & ssh. Worked like a charm! Thank you, Michael W. Lucas, for your fine book on OpenBSD!


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