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Friday, November 17, 2006

Cygin Login Errors from OpenBSD Box

Updated Cygwin on my XP box. Thought because it stopped
several times before finishing and having to choose a
different server, that that had something to do with it.
Apparently not. Searched the Cygwin mailing list archives
and found the following:

Fixing /etc/profile

You just copy C:\cygwin\etc\defaults\etc\profile over
C:\cygwin\etc\profile and restart cygwin. After that,
everything goes back to normal. Just another day in puter
paradise. Speaking of which, I'm always bragging about
how I never have to reboot OpenBSD all the time like I
do "Winblows". ;) Sitting here this morning, reading
the news in Firefox on the OpenBSD box, and BOOM, down
she went! I've read all sorts of problems and responses
in the OpenBSD mailing lists with spontaneous reboots,
and nobody wants to think their hardware's crapping out,
but in my experience, that's almost always what's caused
it on any of my boxes. Case in point: Same box, last year
maybe, or earlier this year, everytime I'd drag a large
file across from XP to some dir on the OpenBSD box, it'd
reboot. Upon careful examination of the mobo, turned out
to be some leaking capacitors. Changed out the mobo and,
while I was at it, put in a new power supply too. It sure
didn't last very long. All boxes here are hooked into UPS's,
which is a prerequisite around this area. The power company
is always dropping power off, especially since Katrina came
to see us in 2005. I guess it's a moot point, though. I've
always had good luck with power supplies, but I guess I
just got a bad apple out of the barrel last time.

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