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Friday, February 02, 2007

February Update

January was a busy month. I had put off updating OpenBSD too
long and finally got around to it towards the latter part of
of the month. Read the upgrade faq at:

OpenBSD Upgrade Guide

Doesn't help when you don't pay attention to detail, which is
what I was guilty of. I left out a few important steps that you
always have to do. Since I figured I should probably start over
from scratch and had a good backup (what, you don't backup?),
I downloaded a snapshot and installed it. Everything went fine
and about a week later, I tried it again just to see if I was
just plain lucky the first time. Once again, rock solid OpenBSD
came through. Since then, I've gotten into a lot of cd burning
since my significant other got me involved in replicating some
Vietnamese Buddhist cd's to be donated to the temple. I put the
original cd in and ran:

cdparanoia -B

to copy all the tracks into the directory I was in. Then:

sudo cdrecord -v speed=12 driveropts=burnfree /dev/rcd0c -audio -pad *wav

The hard part was using the labeling program on the windows box.
Reason being, I wanted to get the Vietnamese words along with the
diacritics right on the label. I tried several Vietnamese keyboard
programs, and then found out I could insert special symbols right
from the fonts with the labeling program. After that, print the
labels and put them on the cd's. Done! Also did quite a bit of
playing around with ffmpeg and grip. There are still licensing
issues with flash, so I decided to give gnash a try. It does okay
on simple and older flash stuff, but tends to choke and dump core
on other newer and either more complicated or poorly put together
flash files. It's still in development, so that's to be expected.
Been using gvim a lot and loving it. Great editor!
I've recently put up some stuff on my gopherspace; helpfiles, etc.
For those running IE, you have to go through a proxy, and any html
files will have to viewed by choosing view source or saving it to
disk. Hey, if you're diehard windows, you can always install cgywin!

My Gopherspace

For others running Firefox, Seamonkey, Netscape, Lynx, etc., go to:

My Gopherspace

There are lots of other things I've been trying, but as usual, I'm
up burning the midnight oil and have other projects early in the
morning, so that's it for now.

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