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Friday, June 15, 2007

OpenBSD 4.1 Install

Finally some time to do it! I recently acquired an old Dell 2.2 Celeron. At the time I got it, it had Windows XP on it, along with AOL and only 384M of ram. And, it hadn't been defragged in who knows how long. Slower than molasses! I yanked the hard drive, used a special usb to ata adapter line to back everything up to dvd for the people who gave me the box, put the hard drive back along with a new 160G second hard drive, added a Diamond Stealth 256M video card with an extra pci mounted fan to keep it cool, and fianlly added memory for a total of 1.5G. Tried running Fedora 6 on it for a while and it was real nice, but I just couldn't stay away from OpenBSD. Got my new cd's, installed 4.1, configured X, actually built java 1.5 without mishap, and added most of my favorite programs. Still have to finish setting mutt and getmail up. I promised a friend I would try to wean myself off old reliable pine and fetchmail. Also trying to get started on C programming since that's the backbone of bsd. Also applied all the latest patches. I still have to hook my old Epson scanner up and install the sane-backends and frontends along with the gimp and xsane. Hopefully that'll go off without a hitch like the rest has. Nice to be able to rebuild my kernel in about 15 minutes as opposed to before on my old PIII 800 where it takes about about 35 to 40 minutes. I shared a lot of good articles off my Google Reader, so check them out.

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