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Sunday, January 09, 2011

GoogleCL Wordwrap Test

Was wondering how to create lengthy posts for Blogger from the command line with GoogleCL since I know the sentences will wrap and eventually I'll encounter the command line character limit. I keep remembering the figure 255. Not sure if that still holds true or not.

The above paragraph was done from the command line with googlecl.
I used the following command:

google blogger post --tags "googlecl, wordwrap, character limit" \
--title "GoogleCL Wordwrap Test" ~/path/file

I read at Google code googlecl that --src is required which I took to
mean the path to the file that was being used for the post. When I tried
it, though, I got an error and it didn't post. I removed --src from the
command line and it worked, the entry posted. So, I still have some
things to learn. :-)

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