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Saturday, January 08, 2011

GoogleCL on OpenBSD

Installed googlecl on OpenBSD 4.8 tonight. Looked at the port's
Makefile and didn't see anything special, so I just installed the
package. First time you run googlecl it creates its config file in
~/.googlecl. When you run it there will be a long outputted
string and it'll tell you before you hit enter you will need to
okay access. You do that through the browser while in your
Google account in:

My Account
Change authorized websites

The catch is, I had to open my browser to do that, and it made no
difference to googlecl. Each time after okaying it in my account
settings in my browser googlecl still errored out. I added the
following to the config file to fix it:

auth_browser = /usr/local/bin/seamonkey

This time when I hit enter it opened a new tab in my browser and
everything worked. After it was working I tried doing a listing of
my docs and it worked. Next I ran some commands that accessed
contacts, blogger, and calendar, and got all of them okayed in my
account settings. Still a lot to learn, but it's working okay now.
Just a matter of reading up more on it online and playing around
with it. Incidentally, I uploaded this post with googlecl. Didn't
format quite like I wanted and I had to do some editing from my
browser, but not bad first time out.

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