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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Youtube Without Flash

Check it out:

HQTube for Greasemonkey

Youtube live streaming without flash, gnash, etc. Yes, it works,
at least so far in Seamonkey for me. Haven't tried it yet with
Firefox but, going from past experience, Firefox is easier to
work with than Seamonkey and better supported in regards
to add-on's, but I choose Seamonkey because it's just faster.
At least it always has been for me.

Audio is working great, no stuttering or distortion, and video
streaming over my broadband connection is good, no jerkiness
or distortion there either.

Before doing anything else, if you don't have them installed
already, install the mplayer and mplayerplug-in packages.

Whether you're using Firefox or Seamonkey, you'll need to
install Greasemonkey. For Firefox, check out:


If you're using Seamonkey, you'll have to install xsidebar.
You can get it at:

xSidebar :: Seamonkey Add-ons

Then you can get the Seamonkey modified Greasemonkey
version at: - xsidebar: modifiedmisc: Greasemonkey

Here's what's in my ~/.mplayer/mplayerplug-in.conf:


Here's what's in my ~/.mplayer/config:


Those are straight out of the installation instructions for the
HQTube for Greasemonkey script. So far I haven't had
to change that or add anything else.

Right now the script only works with Youtube.

Sun Nov 1 02:13:41 CST 2009

Had to stop using HQTube. Started getting error messages saying
it was no longer compatible and needed upgrading. Unfortunately,
I couldn't find an upgrade. So, I did some searching and ran across
the following:

Free Youtube! for Greasemonkey

So far it's not working too badly in this old Seamonkey version I'm
running. Lazy old me, I haven't upgraded yet to OpenBSD 4.6 but it
is going to happen shortly. Already received my shiny new CD set! ;)
Only problem with Free Youtube! I've had so far is it doesn't want to
play the videos on the BSD Conference part of Youtube. Wouldn't you know
it? They seem to be laid out differently than regular Youtube videos.
Hopefully after I upgrade I'll get that going too.
Had to uninstall HQTube. Started getting error messages that

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